Things I Love

Things I Love

I want to share some of the tools and resources I love that support my weight mastery. I hope you'll find some things here that you love also.  ox Rita

Weight Mastery Aids

Kitrics Digital Nutritional Scale: What I love about this scale is it will neutralize the weight of the plate you put on it and allow you to put in food codes that will tell you the exact calories, protein, carb and fat grams of the food you are putting it—in addition to the weight. These are the scales that we have been offering at the Shift Weight Mastery Process for years.

Weight Scale: There are many scales out that do a lot of things in addition to your weight—they measure your fat percentage, tell you how dehydrated you are etc. I personally feel like I just want to focus on my weight on the scale and get off. It’s up to you, but the main thing is to get a good digital scale and don’t rely on the old fashioned ones with the needle.


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