Day 4

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Day 4: Creating a Consistent Relationship with Exercise


I love rewarding my body and mind with the powerful act of exercise.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 4

During the week you have begun setting up systems of:

  • Checking in with your Inner Coach
  • Planning your meals and ahead of time and preparing for success
  • Feeding yourself within your Calorie Budget for Weight Release
  • Engaging in consistent exercise

It’s been a full week for you I am sure and I want to just to remind you that once established, these systems become a part of who you are. I acknowledge all your hard work and thin thinking. You deserve a reward this weekend—how about some exercise? Wait…reward? Exercise? …Heck yeah!

Take a Shift Breath and think about when you played as a kid and how good it felt to move and be free with your body. Focus on that feeling of just using your body to feel vibrant and alive and how good it felt—you can create that feeling again—the joy of moving. Physical activity can be a pleasurable part of day to day life. That is why setting up your exercise system is important—even if it’s walking for 10 minutes a day.

“At first, to be honest, I really resisted the idea of going to the gym– but I put the bar so low for myself (15 minutes a day to start) that I was able to overcome the overwhelming expectation that I had to go for an hour 4 days a week. Once I was on the elliptical, playing my music, it was so much more enjoyable than I expected.

Now I am going 4 days a week at my regular time for 40 minutes. I love listening to my music, tuning out the world and tuning into myself. I now look forward to exercise because it’s my “me” time where I can really connect with myself and my body.

My advice is to take it slow and create an amazing playlist of songs you love—that inspire you and make you want to move.  That made all the difference for me.” Amy K. (Released 26 pounds and still releasing.)

Since it’s almost the end of your first shift week, if you haven’t exercised yet, this is a great time to get started.

Today’s coaching session: Moving into Reward for the Weekend (below) will give you some ideas to get active and some tools that will make it fun!

Today’s Shift From Fat To Thin Thinking: I love rewarding my body and mind with the powerful act of exercise.

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Rita’s Coaching: Moving Into Reward for the Weekend

Ahhhh relaxation: that is what we think when we think of the weekend. It’s our reward for working so hard for getting through the week. We think of unwinding and de-stressing and connecting with family and friends. However–what often gets left out when we think about this two day break is exercise. Why?

Because when our mind typically thinks about exercise it often thinks about it as work and rarely looks at the reward aspect of moving your body. Let’s break exercise into three its parts:

The 3 Parts of Exercise

  1. Before we exercise: getting ready, putting clothes on, getting ourselves to the place of exercise etc.—(WORK)
  2. While we exercise: Moving, exerting ourselves, sweating, breathing heavily, heart pumping—(WORK)
  3. After we exercise: We feel good in our body and out mind with feel good endorphins flooding our system. We feel proud of ourselves for getting out and moving. We are pleased that we have burned more calories so that we can eat a little more or move more quickly forward on our weight release goals. (REWARD)

The Difference between Masters and Strugglers with Exercise

As you know, weight masters often burn from 2000-3500 calories a week in exercise. What is the difference in their relationship with exercise in their mind versus a non-exerciser?

  • Exercise has become a habit—a no brainer—they don’t have to think about it they just do it
  • Exercise is a part of their lifestyle—they have built exercise into their week
  • Their mind focuses on the REWARD aspect of exercise first—how good they will feel DURING and AFTER exercise

Use this Weekend to Reward Yourself with Exercise

I challenge you to focus on how good you will feel this weekend having moved your body both days!  Plan some fun and rewarding exercise activities this week end to start thinking of exercise as a reward:

  • Use the calories from your exercise to burn off some of the potential extra calories that you may consume this weekend.
  • Use exercise to connect with family and friends with a group exercise activity.
  • Use exercise to connect with nature and that feeling of really “getting away”.

Here are some ideas: (calories burned based on a 180 lb. person)

  • Take a hike or go on a nature walk (hiking 520 calories per hour/ walking 270 calories per hour–medium pace)
  • Skate at the beach or at the local roller rink (470 per hour)
  • Go for a swim (650 per hour—moderate exertion)
  • Meet up with friends and take a free salsa class at a local club (447 calories per hour)
  • Rent bikes at the beach or park or go for a spin in the country (654 calories per hour-moderate exertion)
  • Walk the mall (267 per hour—brisk pace)

Seduce Yourself with Music or a Good Class or Story

Now more than ever it is easy to focus your mind on a secondary reward of exercising—making your walk or time on the elliptical the time you listen to:

  • A good book on Audibles (I am now listening to Gone with the Wind—it’s 41 hours of fun, romance, and history—it will keep me on the elliptical for some time and burn over 15,750 calories—thanks Scarlett!)
  • An interesting Podcast (a great way to learn new things)
  • Great music that you can groove to with Spotify (create your own play list or use the many they have)

Buy Yourself a Rewarding Exercise Toy

Many clients love to tune into how many calories they burn or how many steps they take a day.

Here are some great devices that many of my clients use and recommend..

Polar RCX3 Heart Rate Monitor (accurately keeps track of your heart rate and tells you how many calories you have burned during exercise)

Fit Bit Charge 2 (tracks steps walked and calories burned and so much more)

Map My Walk (free app maps your walk, the length and calories burned)

 So plan to get out there and enjoy a rewarding weekend of exercise! I will see you out there.

ox Rita

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