Day 5

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  • Shift Breath 

Day 5 - The 15/85 Percent Healthy Balance System


I enjoy indulging my body with the colors and tastes of health.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 5

More often than not, it’s the end of the week when we lose focus with our healthy eating habits. The mind says, “The week is done and it’s time for fun!”. Too often our fat thinking has been wired to associate refined foods with comfort and reward. Have you struggled with this?  I certainly have.

Mastering our relationship with food is an evolution—and we have been exploring evolving our mind to focus away from the idea of “good food” or “bad food” and focus more on consistently feeding our bodies food that gives us:

  • Stability
  • Nourishment
  • Freedom

We learned how to work with our Inner Coach to shift our focus to find the right balance of health and pleasure in the Mastery Zone.

Refined foods maybe a fleeting fun experience for your taste buds but ultimately rob you of your health and leave you feeling depleted mentally and physically. As you head into the end of your first week I challenge you to keep the 85%-15% strategy top of mind and explore how good it feels consistently indulge your body in the foods it was created to thrive on and to find a balance that honors you. Keeping in mind the Mastery Zone principle of getting at least 72 grams of protein a day and keeping your carbohydrate intake within 75-125 grams.

Today’s coaching session: Food Assembly (below) teaches you a way to throw a tasty, nourishing, low calorie meal together in minutes. Don’t worry, if you aren’t a cook! Be patient—when I say evolution—I mean it. Give yourself the space and time to watch the seeds of change grow in this area of your life.  You can become the change you have always wanted!

Today's Shift From Fat to Thin Thinking: I enjoy indulging my body with the colors and tastes of health.

Printable PDF: Food Assembly Ideas

Rita's Coaching: Food Assembly System

Many of my clients doubt they can lose weight because they do not know how to cook or do not like to cook. Now that you are becoming a Thin Thinker, you can see that Long-Term Permanent Weight Release relies not on your culinary skills but on your cognitive skills. Thinking ahead, planning, creating simple repeatable systems and having on hand foods that you can put together into tasty, healthy meals in minutes can be easier than you think.

Many Masters use the concept of “meal assembly” which is the idea of throwing together some basic ingredients that create a meal that is fast, filling and nourishing. The key to food or meal assembly is having the ingredients on hand. Many of the elements of these meals can start off as frozen so they don’t go bad and you don’t have to always be shopping for fresh ingredients.


Step 1: Start with a Vegetable or Salad Base

First of all, you want a nutritious start that is going to add volume, fiber and nutrients to your meal as your foundation. Most Americans have meat or starchy carbohydrates as the centerpiece of their meal.

By making a steamed or sautéed vegetable or salad greens the main centerpiece of your plate for a meal, you are adding more nutrition, fiber, and volume to your meal while cutting out calories, saturated fat and blood spiking starches.

Grab a bag of prepped salad greens, spinach or bag of cold slaw cabbage (no dressing) or steam a 1 lb. bag of frozen veggies  in the microwave (or you could do a quick sauté with a tablespoon of water in a non-stick skillet or with some olive oil). Put salad and /or veggies in a bowl (s) or on a plate.

Step 2:  Add a Protein Source
Take a few ounces of pre-prepared protein (see ideas below) and sprinkle over your vegetables/and or salad. Beans, canned tuna or salmon or tuna from a pouch or grilled fish, chicken or turkey slices or some chicken from a pre cooked store bought chicken, pre-made turkey meatballs found in the freezer section. I grill or poach chicken tenders by the bag and keep them in the fridge for my family to grab at when they need to throw something together. Tofu and marinated tofu are good sources of protein and so are veggie burgers. They are great chopped up and thrown over vegetables or a salad. Or even lean strips of beef. When you think ahead, there are a lot of ways to keep this important element handy without having to cook every time.

If you like, throw in a bit of starch, but keep it to a minimum—a handful or about a ½ cup—brown rice—wild rice some sweet potato or a bit of pasta. These foods can be made ahead of time as well and kept in your fridge so that you are literally throwing dinner together.

Step 3: Add a Flavor Element This is where you get to tune into your taste palate and decide what flavor you are in the mood for. Is it an ethnic spice? A light and creamy dressing? Or spicy and smoky BBQ? You decide and toss some of that flavor in (of course checking the calories on the label).

Many stores have marinades, spaghetti sauces, salsas, Asian teriyakis and marinades, Indian and Malaysian simmer sauces, curry pastes, and BBQ sauces which,when used sparingly over your vegetable and protein, can infuse the dish with instant flavor and make it taste like you sweated for hours over a hot stove. You could even put your dinner into some broth and make a meal of soup. Sometimes I take a can of the light soups and add in these ingredients for a more substantial but filling meal that is low in calories.

Step 4: Add Some Shift and Sizzle
Give your taste buds a wake-up call with just a teeny bit of something that will add surprise and texture to the dish. Maybe that is a bit of toasted nuts for a healthy crunch or a tablespoon of parmesan for some tang or a few dried cranberries or raisins for some extra sweet. Or try salty crunchy goldfish or Pop Chips crushed over a salad. Just remember, these items tend to be densely caloric so use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

Voila!!!  Dinner is served in less than twelve minutes and for a lot less cash than going through a drive-through.  Depending on what sources you use and portion size, this meal could have as few as 150 calories and be filling, healthy and satisfying.

Printable PDF: Food Assembly Ideas

 ox Rita