Day 21

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  • Afternoon Refocus
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Day 21 – Pause and Prepare / Week 3


Weight mastery isn’t about willpower, it’s about mind power. I am wiring my mind for success.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 21


Here you are at Day 21 and ready for your Weekly Planning Huddle with your Inner Coach!

Check out today’s video in Rita’s coaching session video (below) which will get you started thinking about your last week in your Thin Thinking Practice. For many people, it’s this third week where everything starts coming together.

It takes 21 days for new habits to really start deepening their roots in the subconscious. Not only have you been shifting behavioral habits, you’ve been Shifting thinking habits as well.  So your thin thinking is just starting to take shape…

Advice from a Weight Master: Everything started to gel for me after about three weeks. Not bad, considering I had been struggling with myself over my weight for 30 years. I really realized that this is an ongoing process and I have to be patient with not being perfect at everything yet. I may never be perfect! In fact, trying to be perfect is what got me into trouble in the first place. Here is to weight release without being perfect!!  You can do this!! Jim T. (Released 24 pounds and still releasing.)

Take Time To Huddle: Remember don’t blow off any of these important steps. The few minutes you spend with your coach in your Weekly Planning Huddle are key to your success.

Today’s Shift From Fat To Thin Thinking: Weight mastery isn’t about willpower, it’s about mind power.  I am wiring my mind for success.

Rita’s Coaching: Week 3 Planning Huddle

Today’s Weekly Planning Huddle video covers:

    – Boredom and  Boredom eating
    – Hypnosis Questions
    – Night Eating Solutions

Weekly Planning Huddle Checklist

Use the following step-by-step list to get set up for this coming week or use the downloadable pdf here. Click + on right to expand each item.

1. Connect to Your Inner Coach

Sit and connect to your Inner Coach for 10 minutes before beginning your week.  Sit quietly.  Breath with your Shift Breath.

2. Review and Reflect

Review & Reflect: What worked?  What didn’t?  Learn from your mistakes and successes and keep progressing to mastery. Sit with your Inner Coach and use the following questions to review this past week:  downloadable pdf

Use these questions to help you reflect on last week:
Which goals did you achieve (weight, exercise, calorie budget and others) for this week?

Why did you achieve them?

Which goals did you not achieve?

Why did you not achieve them?

Which of these skills needs more attention and/or improvements?

 Planning ahead
 Staying within your Calorie Budget for Weight Release
 Exercise
 Mastery Zone: more protein? less refined foods? More vegetables and fruit?
 Tracking your food and exercise
 Keeping trigger foods out and healthy foods around
 Seeking support from others
 Removing negative self-talk
 Taking a Shift breath and refocusing
 Strategizing with your Inner Coach
 Getting back on track rather than starting over the next day

Is there anything else that needs to improve?

Do you need to be more consistent with the hypnosis and meditation sessions (they have a cumulative impact so it helps to keep up with them)?

What would you like to acknowledge yourself for?

3. Weekly Weight Release Calculator + Planner

Go to the Weight Release Calculator + Planner to set up your weight release and exercise goals for the week.  

Print out your planner and keep it handy.

Calculator + Planner here

4. Plan Meals and Snacks / Make Shopping List

Make sure you have an eating plan for the week.

Food Resources here

5. Strategize Challenges for the Week

If you have any social events or challenging situations coming this week, think them through.  Have a plan for success.

6. Create a Vision for a Successful Week

Close your eyes and imagine yourself a week into the future, feeling good, lighter and healthier, having had a great week.


 – Get rid of any trigger foods that have come into your environment.

 – Make sure you are stocked up on healthy meal ingredients and snack choices.

 – Remind your supporters to keep supporting you (including yourself!

Mastery Tip: Now that things might feel more familiar, it might also seem like a good time to stop listening to your sessions or drop tracking. Don’t rob yourself of the chance to deepen your practice even further this week.  There is always more to learn and discover.

Let’s make this last week of your practice the most masterful yet!

ox Rita

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