Day 28

  • Afternoon Refocus
  • Shift Breath 

Day 28 - The Three Consistency Killers (video)


Every day I am moving one step further on the road to Weight Mastery.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 28

Here we are Apprentice, looking back over 4 weeks of Thin Thinking Practice and looking forward into a lifetime of Weight Mastery. Whew! I am really proud of you.

For the final 3 days of your 30-Day Thin Thinking Practice, I designed a video series specifically to help you make the transition into the continuation of your weight mastery journey. I promise it will answer many of the questions and perhaps, even fear, you may have. Please don't miss these. Here's Continuing The Journey: Day 1 - Consistency Killers

Video Coaching Continuing the Journey - Part 1: Top Weight Release Consistency Killers and How to Avoid Them In Part 1 of this 3 part video series, I walk you through the three biggest roadblocks that could prevent you from success and how to overcome them to keep moving forward on your journey.

Each day of your journey has built upon the day before. And now, even though this 30-Day Thin Thinking Practice is almost over, your journey to weight mastery will continue. Many of you are just getting used to some of the changes in your thinking and in your daily lifestyle choices. Remember, it takes at least 21 days for your brain to change old habits, so this is still an adjustment period.

DON’T STOP NOW, PLAN WEEK 5! Also, just like in week’s past – and hopefully into the weeks in the future, you will continue to set yourself up for success this week with your Weekly Planning Huddle with your Inner Coach.

Weekly Huddle Checklist:

Use the following step-by-step list to get set up for this coming week or use the downloadable pdf here. Click + on right to expand each item.


 - Get rid of any trigger foods that have come into your environment.

 - Make sure you are stocked up on healthy meal ingredients and snack choices.

 - Remind your supporters to keep supporting you (including yourself!

Let’s make these last few days together really count!