Day 8

  • Afternoon Refocus
  • Shift Breath 

Day 8 - Intro to Environment Skills


I keep my environment set up to support my weight release and mastery.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 8

This week we will begin focusing on the Environment Skills. When it comes to weight management, these skills are the under rated little sister of the Weight Skills which usually get all of the focus in diets. But don’t underestimate these skills. In my opinion, when these skills are being practiced, clients see the most significant results in their weight, and also, their peace of mind.

Environment Skills

  • Self-Monitoring
  • Stimulus Control
  • Creating and Maintaining your Weight Mastery Support Team

Few people realize the power that our environment has on us. If you think back on the times that you have fallen off track and gained weight, it has probably started with:

  • A lack of awareness of how much energy you were taking in or burning.
  • Tuning out the creeping up of the scale or getting on the scale and giving up.
  • Refined hyper-stimulating foods entering (or consistently being in) your environment and you became a victim of them.
  • Not consistently keeping healthy foods within reach in your environment.
  • People in your life consciously or unconsciously sabotaging you rather than supporting you.

Weight Masters understand the profound impact that managing their environment has on their success. Research shows that 80 percent of long term weight management hinges on these skills.

Yes, the Weight Skills help us release weight, but the Environment Skills help us to maintain our weight long-term.  Therefore, I am looking forward to exploring these skills with you and you Inner Coach this week.

Today’s Coaching session: Our Environment Creates Our Weight (Below)Take a deep Shift Breath and open your mind to your environment and start to notice in your own life where your environment is helping you release weight and where it still may be holding you back—and prepare to shift that this week!

Today's Shift from Fat To Thin Thinking: I keep my environment set up to support my weight release and mastery.

Rita's Coaching: Our Environment Creates Our Weight

Today’s coaching is brief—but important—and really fun if you let it be.

First, take a moment and think about the current environments that you live in—your home, your work, and any other environments that you spend time in.  Think about how those environments are set up currently and-- be honest with yourself—how are they set up to sabotage you and keep you struggling with your weight?

-What are the foods that tempt you that are still lurking?

-What are the ways that your environments keep you from exercising?

-What types of foods are not in your environments that would support you?

-What social habits with the people in your environments do you have that keep you struggling?


My guess is that even though you have been shifting for a week, there is room for improvement with how you are setting yourself up for success. I know my weight mastery didn’t really get going until I made a stand that I was going to create an environment that would support my 140 pound ideal weight even when I weighed 180+.

So now, here is the fun and informative part of this exercise.


Take a deep Shift Breath. Close your eyes and imagine that you are at your ideal weight and that you have been maintaining that weight for a year. Imagine the phone rings and you pick it up and it’s me on the other line.

“Hi, Congratulations on achieving your ideal weight and keeping it off for a year!” I say.

We chat for a bit and then I ask the question, “Tell me, what were the major changes that you had to make in your environments in order to not only release the weight but keep it off long term?” 

Imagine what it is that you tell me. I would love for you to just see what comes up when you are thin thinking about it from this perspective.  Allow yourself to have fun with it and see what kinds of changes you would tell me you made.

Maybe it’s:

  • Foods that you forbid from coming into the house…
  • Requests that you asked of other people, like “Let’s order take-out from that place that offers healthy choices”…
  • You put your exercise clothes and shoes in a place where they were visible and that reminded you to exercise everyday.

The possibilities are endless—but I want you just to start thinking differently around this subject—being proactive with your environment versus a victim of it.

Then, open your eyes, take notes of what came up for you and then, take action! Start creating the environment that supports your long-term weight mastery weight today!

Have a wonderful day exploring and shifting your environment. I look forward to having that phone conversation with you soon.

ox Rita