Day 7

  • Afternoon Refocus
  • Shift Breath 

Day 7 - Pause and Prepare / Week 1


If I don’t have a plan, the world has one for me and it isn’t a slimming one.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 7


You have completed your first week of your Thin Thinking Practice and I hope you feel proud of yourself.

We spent this week building the foundational Weight Skills into your home of weight mastery. Even if you don’t feel 100% on top of things, that is okay—remember, this is a process. You are now just a week in to your 30-Day Thin Thinking Practice and the seeds of weight mastery are beginning to take root in your mind and your relationship with your Inner Coach is just beginning to blossom. Give those seedlings time. Wherever you are is perfect—so give yourself some kudos.

Now is the perfect time, as it is every week, for you sit down with your Inner Coach in your Weekly Planning Huddle, reflect on last week and set your weight release goals and a plan for the week ahead.

Warning! Don't let your Inner Rebel blow off your Weekly Planning Huddle!

The few minutes that it takes to go through your Weekly Planning Huddle will help set you up for a successful week, I assure you. Take this time for yourself and ignore any Inner Rebel impulses to skip it or think you will "do it later".

Ignore the Inner Rebel intent on sabotage!  Start getting suspicious of that part of you that claims you have "no time". Remember, you make time for what is important to you.  Isn't caring for the body that you live your whole life in and the mind with which  you experience your entire life the most important?

Take my advice! Do it NOW! Think of the time you spend surfing the news or social media daily--how much would your life SHIFT if that time went into your self-care? Stretch yourself today, grab your Inner Coach and try out this planning session to see if it creates a big improvement in the quality of your life and weight release this coming week.

Weight Mastery Tip from a Weight Master: “You will get so much more out of your Thin Thinking Practice (and your weight release) if you go through these steps and use them to think about your next week. I never did that before I Shifted and just taking those 10-15 minutes a week has made the world of difference in my ability to remain consistent with my weight release. I have never, ever, in all the time I have been shifting regretted sitting down and planning out my week. Do it—you will be glad you did!” Jerry D. (Released 42 pounds, maintaining 6 months.)


Today's Shift From Fat To Thin Thinking: If I don’t have a plan the world has one for me and it isn’t a slimming one.

Rita's Coaching: Week 2 Planning Huddle

Here is a video of me doing my own Sunday Huddle.  In this video, I cover:

 1. Where you are in your Weight Mastery Journey so far.
2. Some tips on doing your Weekly Planning and Prep Huddle.
3. What's coming up this week in your Thin Thinking Practice.

Weekly Planning Huddle Checklist

Use the following step-by-step list to get set up for this coming week or use the downloadable pdf here. Click + on right to expand each item.


 - Get rid of any trigger foods that have come into your environment.

 - Make sure you are stocked up on healthy meal ingredients and snack choices.

 - Remind your supporters to keep supporting you (including yourself!

Mastery Tip: If you are feeling you may have set an unrealistic weight release goal last week—it’s never too last to change.  You can change your weight release goal from week to week depending on what is realistic for you at the time. Just change your weight release goal in the Weekly Calculator + Planner. The calculator will adjust your calorie budget accordingly, allowing you to feel like you have a more sustainable amount of daily calories. 

My last piece of advice?  Keep Going!!!  Don’t fret if you can’t get everything done. Do what you can and just keep focusing on learning and moving forward. Persistence not perfection is the key to weight mastery.

I am looking forward to our second week together!

ox Rita