Day 25

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Day 25: Thin Thinking Practice


I am finding the “fun” in me rather than in food. I can let my hair down without letting myself down.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 25

We are almost to the end of another week of Shifting!  I would like to take a look at how you can prepare for a successful Shifted social event where you go, have a great time, but come home still on track for weight release. Possible? Of course! Especially when you stay connected to your Inner Coach and plan things out before you go.

Today’s coaching session: Pre-Social Gathering Tips (below) will walk you through some key strategies to stay on track—even when you are out “letting your hair down”.

Today’s Shift From Fat To Thin Thinking: I am finding the “fun” in me rather than in food. I can let my hair down without letting myself down.

Rita’s Coaching Day 25: Pre-Social Gathering Tips

Social events are fun and they can be a challenge for calorie budgets. But you have to have a life!  Here are some strategies to set yourself up for success ahead of time.

Before you Go to the Event:

Bank calories ahead of time for the event: This may mean doing some extra exercise or cutting back on your calorie budget for a few days. You will have more wiggle room to enjoy a glass of wine and some dessert.

Be clear why you are going: Have a pow-wow with yourself about what the event means for you beyond food and drink. Once you are clear on your social goals, you can focus on who you want to connect with at the event rather than connecting with the food or drink!

Think your goals through ahead of time:  Have a plan for how much you might drink (if you plan to drink), how many calories do you plan to eat. Plan on leaving victorious by creating a vision (before you get to the gathering) of leaving feeling light and connected to yourself. Have a plan or the world has one for you.

Bring something you know you can eat: Bring a salad or vegetable—even if no one else wants it or eats it –you can!

Practice responses to food pushers ahead of time: Often we want to please people who push food upon us and then we feel like we let ourselves down.  If you practice these responses ahead of time, you can avoid eating something you really didn’t want to. Practicing ahead makes it more comfortable when you actually need to respond:

  • “No thank you.”
  • “I am already full, but thanks. You did a great job with this party…(change the subject fast).”
  • “No more please, but hey let me help you clean up a bit”
  • “I have a metabolic condition and that keeps me from eating that. Sorry, but it looks delicious!”
  • “That looks amazing—did you make that?   I am going to pass but thanks for offering!”

Do not buckle to social pressure—food pushers just want to be loved.  Appreciate their food efforts and acknowledge what a generous person they are–then kindly decline.  Ultimately, it’s not about the food—it’s about connecting. The person you want to connect with the most is yourself.

Enjoy the party and enjoy being proud of yourself as you leave the party for staying in line with your weight release goals.

Have a great Shift Day 25!

ox Rita

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