Day 24

  • Afternoon Refocus
  • Shift Breath 

Day 24: Thin Thinking Practice


The more I coach myself, the less I criticize myself.

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 24

Magical things occur when we start to communicate with ourselves in a powerful way. Now that you are well into your 30-day journey,  I hope that you are finding that after these weeks of being partners with your Inner Coach,  you feel much more confident in your ability to lead yourself—not only in the area of weight management, but other areas of your life as well.

People are often surprised that other areas of their life improve when they begin listening to their Inner Coach instead of their Critic and Rebel.

The freedom that comes with eating in the Mastery Zone (protein 72 grams + per day and between 75- 125 grams carbohydrates per day) which helps remove cravings along with the peace of mind that comes with really showing up for yourself with self-care strategies on a consistent basis is such an amazing feeling—it’s addictive!  It’s also contagious.

As you progress on your journey, others will notice a change in you that is not just weight release—and my guess is they will want some of what you are having—plus second helpings!  My advice…start being a leader and be a force for positive change around you.

That is what today’s coaching: Start Leading and Release More than Weight (below) is about.

Shift from fat to thin thinking for today: The more I coach myself, the less I criticize myself.

Rita’s Coaching Day 24: Start Leading and Release More than Weight

One of the most significant shifts into mastery I see in people is when they begin coaching others and supporting them in releasing weight. Why? When you teach others, they see you as an automatic authority.  And guess what?  From an unconscious level, you see that too. By deciding to support others in being healthy, you release this image of you as a Weight Struggler and immediately shift into health leader.

That is why so many recovery programs set up sponsorship opportunities. This sponsorship gives the recovering person the opportunity to support those behind them in the recovery process. Also, and more importantly, it sometimes gives the sponsor the opportunity to see themselves in a different light. Not as just a passive student, but as an active teacher. The focus then becomes not on being good or bad but on how to convey the process and skills. When you teach, it forces your brain to understand the systems and every time you teach a system, you reinforce that system within yourself.

Leading Others Starts with Leading Yourself

When I lead a Shift Weight Mastery Process, I always have people who have gone through the process come back and be coaches for “newbie” Shifters. It gives the coaches a chance to support others and also to deepen their mastery.

I also have fellow Shifters coach each other from their strengths within groups in the Shift Process. I remember the miracle of watching a 300-pound woman coaching a 130-pound woman about how to pack a healthy lunch. It doesn’t matter where you are with your weight, you always have something of value to teach, when your intentions are pure.

I remember how I changed how I thought about myself the day I offered to help a fellow weight struggler go grocery shopping for healthy foods and showed her how to make a few of the healthy desserts.  I thought to myself, “Wow this is fun and I didn’t know how much I knew already!”

When Will You Begin Leading?

I challenge you to begin being a leader of health in your life. Maybe you don’t have to go and preach to everyone about the virtues of healthy eating, but you can begin simply by leading by example. When people see you making changes they may start to want to join you.  It is then you can lend support to them. Or you can become a leader off the bat by:

  • Creating a lunch time walking group
  • Bringing in a nice fruit platter on Mondays and offering that to your co-workers instead of the bagels.
  • Walk after dinner with your family and inviting the kids along.
  • Inviting the family to help you create a week’s worth of healthy meals to prepare.

By becoming a weight master and a leader, you are transcending old ideas of yourself and the world, and boldly creating a new one that will support you long into your weight maintenance.

This world is full of people struggling with their weight.  We need to make a Shift and begin to see ourselves less as victims and more as potential leaders.  You are the hope for a brighter, more healthy horizon in the world. That is why our motto at Shift Weight Mastery is “Alone we diet, together we Shift”.

Have a great Shift Day 24!

ox Rita