Day 1

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Day 1 – Introduction to The Weight Skills

The key to mastery is persistence, not perfection.

Today is the first day of your Thin Thinking Practice!

I am so excited for the days ahead that will re-train your brain in powerful thin thinking—allowing for you to not only release weight but the weight struggle as well. Just a reminder, this is not day one on a diet, this is the beginning of a powerful way of thinking and behaving—a weight mastery lifestyle—that will continue to develop for the rest of your life. To get where you are today you have already:
  • Forgiven yourself:  You now have an open heart and can trust and respect yourself in this area of your life.
  • Made the decision: To be an “apprentice of weight mastery”. You are learning everyday—no perfection or starting over needed—just curiosity, patience and commitment.
  • Created powerful Weight Visions: You have a mental road map of your journey to your ideal weight.
  • Believed in yourself 100%: You have the belief that you have everything within you to be successful—or are at least open to believing that you do.
In other words—you are READY! With that in mind, take your first steps forward and enjoy, have fun, and keep showing up for yourself—putting one step in front of the other. Today’s coaching session: Day Trader (below) focuses on the mental attitude we need to adopt for long-term weight release. Need to review the 4 Shift steps listed above?  Watch the videos here Today’s Shift From Fat To Thin Thinking: The key to mastery is persistence not perfection.

Rita’s Coaching: Don’t Be a Day Trader–Invest in a Mutual Fund Attitude

Our crazy volatile stock market kind of reminds me of the difference between being on a diet and the road to long-term permanent weight mastery. When you are on a diet, you are like a day trader—always looking to the numbers (the scale) to see if you are good, if the world is right, if it’s going to be okay, if you are going to be happy or sad—cocky or depressed.  The second there is a fluctuation in the market (the scale) in the wrong direction— you panic–jump ship and sell. Be a Long-Term Investor in Yourself When you are on your journey to weight mastery, you are in it for the long term, more like when you invest in mutual funds.  Mutual funds don’t promise the daily drama of the incredible highs and lows, but offer a fairly steady return for the investment over time.   With a mutual fund attitude, the number on the outside becomes less important than the Shift going on inside you.  It’s more about the sense of security that you feel because you know you are in it for the long term. That’s why now, instead of being a dieter, you are becoming an Apprentice of Weight Mastery.  Apprentices don’t show up on Day One expecting to be perfect and to have everything figured out by tomorrow.  Apprentices’ minds are open to learning, to being curious, to asking questions, and to expecting that there will be days when everything goes wrong.  An apprentice becomes a master by seeing missteps and mistakes as lessons to be learned, not as blunders to be punished for or as a reason to scrap everything and start over tomorrow (no one has ever learned anything that way). As you begin staying within your Calorie Budget for Weight Release this week, think about being an apprentice rather than a dieter.  Allow the scale to be a tool rather than a measuring stick of whether you are a success or failure. Listen to Your Coach Not Your Critic When you step on the scale, turn down the voice of the Inner Critic and turn up the volume on the Inner Coach within you.  You now have a number to guide you—your Daily Calorie Budget for Weight Release that you calculated on the Shift Weight Release Calculator.  With your apprentice mind, observe how your new ability to balance your intake and expenditure around that number works hand in hand with what is happening on the scale.  When the scale is going down, reinforce what foods and behaviors are allowing that to happen.  When it goes up, be curious as well, and tune into your behaviors with a coach’s attitude to improve rather than a critic’s attitude to condemn. As an apprentice, you keep learning through both Bull and Bear markets, keeping your power within you and not becoming a victim of “bad days”.  Over time, as you sharpen the 9 Skills and continue to Shift from “Fat Thinking” to “Thin Thinking,” your dividends will be Long Term Permanent Weight Release and a sense of confidence and freedom and mastery. Enjoy the journey!! ox Rita OPTIONAL: For additional inspiration turn to Chapter 17 in From Fat To Thin Thinking and review your vision for Long Term Weight Mastery. Go to Top of Page