Day 6

  • Afternoon Refocus
  • Shift Breath 

Day 6 - The Mastery Zone


I have a choice and choose to continue my journey to weight mastery…being good enough!

Welcome to Your Thin Thinking Practice Day 6

Apprentice, we are almost done with our first week and I just want to say--wherever you are today on the road to mastery is “good enough”—even if you do not think you have done the program perfectly. If you haven’t done everything or listened to everything, I want you to forgive yourself and keep moving forward.

We are breaking the “start over instinct” which can be challenging. Allow your Inner Coach to refocus you from not having done everything perfectly and instead rejoice in having done “good enough” and keep moving forward. I know for me, once I shifted from having to be perfect to good enough, my life changed in regards to my weight and many other things as well. I've had many clients who had rocky looking first weeks, but who acknowledged they did “good enough”, and moved forward to achieve Long-Term Weight Mastery:

“I just couldn’t get it together the first week. I had some personal stuff come up and felt like I was all over the place. I even gained a pound! But I said I did “good enough” and gave myself and the process more time the second week and everything started to come together and make sense. It became easier and I began releasing weight and shifting my thinking. (Liz P. released 33 pounds. Maintaining 3 years.)

Just keep going at the pace you can and stick with the progression of the process.  Keep focused on tracking your food and exercise and strategizing staying within your Calorie Budget for Weight Release—and not starting over!!!

There are times that we get off track and out of the Mastery Zone—we are eating too little protein (less than 72 grams per day) and too many carbohydrates (more than 125 grams per day). We re-awaken the Carb Zombie within and those old cravings return, pulling us into the Weight Struggle Cycle.

Today’s coaching session: (Re)Hibernating the Carb Zombie (below)— educates you on how to get refocused on putting the Carb Zombie back into hibernation.

Remember to have fun, show up for yourself and enjoy this powerful journey you are making and give it 100%.

Today's Shift From Fat To Thin Thinking : I have a choice and choose to continue my journey to weight mastery…being good enough!

Rita's Coaching:  (Re)Hibernating the carb zombie

An important strategy of the skill of Mastering your Relationship with Food is to understand how to survive an attack from the Carb Zombie and recover as quickly as possible. The Carb Zombie that lurks within us can stay in hibernation for as long as we make sure we are getting enough protein (72-80 grams) and stay under our carb ceiling of 75-125 grams.

There might be times that you go over. It will happen. Typically, when we have eaten excessive amounts of carbs over a couple of days, the mind’s obsession for the sugary and carb-y food returns with a vengeance. We get back into that “I’ll be good tomorrow” Weight Struggle Cycle and before you know it, weight is coming back and so is fat thinking and all the frustration that comes with it.

Now, as a Weight Master, you and your Inner Coach can use the strategy of curtailing your inner zombie and putting her back in her cave, shutting the door and saying, “nighty night” before you fall back into the Struggle Cycle.

Here are the steps to this strategy:

  • Recognize your Carb Zombie will never “go away”, she is always laying there dormant, waiting to be aroused and awakened by overuse of carbohydrates (even healthy ones—sorry!) Respect those boundaries!
  • If she is aroused take immediate action! Do not criticize yourself or say “I’ll wait until tomorrow and start over”.
  • Begin re-stabilizing yourself: Make your next meal protein based with some vegetables for nourishment.
  • Go for a walk or exercise: The endorphins released will make you feel better and lessen your brain’s need to get a fix from the carbs.
  • Drink water and flush your system.
  • Keep your protein intake on the higher side (at least 72 grams) for 2-3 days
  • Keep your carbohydrate intake on the lower side 100 grams or less for 2-3 days.

I assure you that you will feel the switch turn back on in both your brain and body and that Inner Carb zombie will go back to her cave and settle down for a nice long nap and you will be back in the Mastery Zone in no time!

ox Rita